The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume Three

Blue pencil

Dear Ms Barton!
I have opened the parcel and looked at your books. Now pray tell me how in
hell am I ever going to get any serious work done. I shall be spending hours
creating 'stuff' from your blessedly wonderful ideas and instructions. Damn
you madam, I have deadlines to meet for papers to be written, books to
restore, and a living to make; and you are clearly not going to help any....
Oh am I going to have some fun....

What is amazing and creative about this book is what Barton gives the reader: exact replications of her own pop-ups including the cut-outs and platforms found under each discussed tab. The reader can easily pick a type of pop-up fold and re-create it. Using precise instructions and tutorials with drawings and directions, one can cut out, fold and paste the designs, completing each pop-up.... This makes an exceptional and fun gift for any person who is creative with their hands or one who wants to learn how to make their own pop-ups. Home-schoolers would appreciate it greatly as a project to research and complete. It is a keeper in this reader's house to share with future grandchildren or those interested in the art of paper making.
CONNY Withay

Carol Barton's three volumes took me about four days to work through in an intensive way. In each, she introduced a new type of fold or pop-up structure, and how to build it; in each she found new ways to challenge my preconceptions about the art-form. I'm now building pop-up cards on a regular basis thanks to her patient instruction and her ideas.
Andrew watt, central connecticut

Purple Pen
Wow! How do they do that? So many fascinating, complex paper popups, dioramas, etc. My husband and I really enjoyed the book and we bought a second one as a gift to a friend with two children. She loved it, too! Get ready to play with paper and design.
M. Burns

The Pocket Paper Engineer books are beautifully done and a total delight to read and work with. I'm a complete naif when it comes to making things with my hands, but I'm getting a kick out of cutting and folding regardless of how it all comes out.
Scott Guthery, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts


This book is so well thought out and beautifully put together that I am even more excited about my project. I wish it were my only project, because I would be happy to spend all my time playing...with pop-ups!
Peggy Healy stearns, Ft. Lauderdale, florida

! just purchased Volume 3 of your Pocket Paper Engineer(ing) books. I have Volumes 1 and 2. Volume 3 does not disappoint. It is just as compelling as Volumes 1 and 2. I Love It! Thank you.
Debby Stellmacher, Seymour, Wisconsin

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