The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume Two

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Carol Barton's The Pocket Paper Engineer, volume two, is a beautifully designed sequel to volume one. With instructions clarified by both text and illustration, she leads the viewer through a series of visually exciting and creatively provocative pop-up projects that can open this wonderful 3-D world to anyone with a little manual dexterity and some imagination. Although the projects move toward more complexity and visual punch, the underlying architecture of each is clearly explained, making each project all the more accessible. I dared to enter the world of pop-ups years ago, and have derived much satisfaction from surprising my family and friends with unique cards for special occasions. Carol Barton started me on that wonderful journey of discovery! I highly recommend this volume, as well as volume one!
James McLean, Atlanta, Georgia

Just like volume one, this book provides clearly written instructions, and the accompanying illustrations and diagrams make it even easier to understand. Carol begins by listing and describing the tools you'll need and then describes how to correctly and safely use them. Projects get progressively more intricate as you move through the book, building on techniques learned in previous projects. Each section begins with a fun and inspirational quote from the likes of Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Frank Lloyd Wright, Anais Nin, and even Milton Berle. In addition to providing specific projects, Carol provides examples of several projects to really get your creative juices flowing! I highly recommend volume two of The Pocket Paper Engineer, as well as volume one. An added bonus is that you can order extra cards (for volume one) to practice on.
M. Watt, Atlanta, Georgia

Having loved Carol Barton's Pocket Paper Engineer, volume one, I was, of course, eager to move on to volume two. With that now in hand, and already sampled, I can say it was worth the wait. Like the first volume (which I would recommend as a superb introduction to the world of "paper engineering" aka pop-ups) the new volume clearly presents each structural paradigm and encourages one to create other variations....Dare I hope for volume three? In Barton's hands, the possibilities seem endless!
Marcia Morse, Honolulu, Hawaii
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Unlike the other reviewers, I don't have a copy of volume one, but volume two is so well written, and the projects so well organized and intriguing, that I'm now looking forward to working my way through both volumes. This will be a special pleasure since my 11-year-old granddaughter is very excited about creating her own pop-ups; this book is just what we both need!
Ann Johnston, Mountain View, California

The Pocket Paper Engineer books are beautifully done and a total delight to read and work with. I'm a complete naif when it comes to making things with my hands, but I'm getting a kick out of cutting and folding regardless of how it all comes out.
Scott Guthery, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

The eagerly awaited second volume of The Pocket Paper Engineer is the perfect companion to volume one. It helps the reader make the leap from basic pop-up forms to the more complicated platforms and props with ease. It contains the same easy-to-follow format of step-by-step instructions, accompanied by detachable cards which can be stored for future reference in the pockets provided. It lives up to all expectations. Dare I hope that Carol Barton will eventually publish a third volume?
Virginia Parker, McKinnon, Virginia

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I bought Carol Barton's The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume 2, Platforms & Props, to give to a friend who works with paper and who very much appreciated my gift of volume one. But I may have to buy another copy for my friend since I feel compelled to keep this one for my own use. As a child I used to draw stages populated with actors of all sorts. A while ago, with a little girl from next door, I began printing out inkjet photographs of the property where we live and making paper dolls of the people and pets that live in or visit our enchanting domain. I was attaching the scenes to pieces of cardboard and wondering how to position the actors when the little girl, only three at the time, got in a mood and cut up all the paper dolls. Now I am thinking in terms of pop-ups as a project we can explore bit by bit as she grows up. This looks like a digression from my path as a photographer working in nineteenth-century processes, but I sense that it is relevant, bringing me back to my early concept that "all the world is a stage." Carol's book is so inviting, so un-daunting, that even a flat-artist like myself wants to give it a try.
Sarah Van Keuren, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Pocket Paper Engineer, volume two, is as exciting and approachable as volume one. I am a novice paper engineer. However, not only am I able to understand the clear instructions, but can hardly wait to go on the the next beautifully illustrated project. This book has my mind buzzing with ideas to do on my own. In addition, I love the provocative quotes in both volumes at the beginning of each section. Thank you, Carol Barton, for another excellent book.
Pat Anda, Penrose, Colorado


This book is an excellent follow-on to volume one, which I enjoyed very much. This second volume covers platform and tabbed pop-ups of various sorts: structures which are cut separately from the main pop-up card or paper and are attached to it by hidden glue tabs, slots, and other devices. These are the structures used by paper engineers like Robert Sabuda in their fabulous books.
     Like the first volume (which features many of the various pop-up structures you can make by folding and cutting into a single piece of paper or card) this book includes samples of each structure that you make yourself. Following the directions--which are very clear and well-illustrated--and actually cutting and gluing the pop-up yourself is a great way to learn and remember how to make it. In addition, as a bonus you have a nice, fully-illustrated pop-up card you can keep or give away when you're done (much nicer than practicing with just a plain piece of paper).
     Carol Barton is both a first-rate paper engineer and a capable writer, a combination of talents which results in a great book that anyone interested in pop-ups will enjoy. If you master the techniques in this book and volume one, you will be well on your way to becoming a pop-up expert. I highly recommend this book.
Aeleen Frisch, Wallingford, Connecticut

Like volume one, Carol Barton's newest book on how to create pop-ups is a must-buy for every paper-crazy person, whether or not you think of yourself as an "artist." Her instructions are easy to follow, and creating pop-ups is a great kid-friendly project. Loved it! I'm still working on my floating platforms, but I can't wait for volume three!
Suzanne Sparrow , Arlington, Virginia
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I've been eagerly awaiting volume two of The Pocket Paper Engineer since I devoured the first volume and took a class with Carol Barton a couple of summers ago. She is that rare combination: wonderfully creative and a fabulous teacher. These talents translate to her instruction books beautifully. She is scrupulously careful and thoroughly knowledgeable, and it shows in the quality of her instructions and the projects included. The book is a work of art in itself, and the projects are absolute fun, too! I would recommend starting with volume one if you are a beginner. Clear your schedule--you will be become addicted.
Barbara Payne, Charlottlesville, Virginia

As a former technical writer and editor, I appreciate the thought and care that went into the exercises in both volumes of The Pocket Paper Engineer. Explaining these complex structures with such clarity is no small accomplishment.
Al Brown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What a wonderful book! It's gorgeous and takes a unique approach to the subject matter. Made me want to get into it right away. Directions are comprehensive and easy to follow.
Barbara A. Johnson , Tulsa, Oklahoma

Like volume one, volume two is filled with easy-to-follow directions that allow the beginning or advanced paper engineer to learn how to make an amazing variety of pop-ups. I can't wait to share this volume with my students who love paper and sculpting with it. The directions and fabulous illustrations make it just plain fun. AND, I was motivated to play around and try each one of the structures because of how these two elements work together....
Melanie Mowinski, The Berkshires, Western Massachusetts

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Carol Barton’s Pocket Paper Engineer book is fabulous! The information, illustrations, inspirations, index and references are exceptional. I appreciate the clear, concise and witty presentation. This book is ... infused with passion, pizazz, humor and integrity, and jam-packed with stimulating challenges to delight the paper engineer of any age, background, or experience ....
I absolutely love the spiral binding, which allows the book to lie perfectly flat on your bench while creating your art images and pop-up wonders.... The directions are clear and easy-to-follow, and once you have created the exercise, you are eager to push the new visual information further using your own personal, artistic imagery. The Pocket Paper Engineer is a meticulous, well-researched and written, illustrated and executed creative art tech book.
David LaPlantz, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Carol Barton, a paper engineer, has filled Volume 2 of The Pocket Paper Engineer with projects and instructions for young and old alike, and it is perfect for a rainy or snowy day. This clever book is a way to bond with your family. It teaches children how to follow instructions and improves their sense of perception. In addition, it enhances their imagination....The Pocket Paper Engineer is a highly recommended activity for all.
Lily azerad-goldman,

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