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First grader with her pop-ups

5th grader with his pop-up card

Kid's Classes

Kids Make Pop-Ups!
3rd grade and Up

Learn to make pop-up cards and illustrations! Kids will learn basic on-the-fold pop-ups, straddle pop-ups, talking mouths, and other forms. They will then use their imaginations and creative abilities to turn their pop-ups into landscapes, animals, and city scenes. These structures work easily with a wide range of subject matter, including history, creative writing, math and science topics. Pop-ups provide a way of bringing these various subjects "to life" through play and invention. The class will be geared to the students' specific age level and skills.

Emma's accordion book

Accordion Books for Kids
4th-6th grades

The accordion book is an ancient form that pre-dates the western codex (our standard book form today). In this workshop, students will learn to make several types of accordion books variations, including two that are constructed from a single sheet of paper. Students will develop their own stories and drawings as content for their books, and will learn the history of the structure.

Kid's diamond fold book

Diamond-Fold Books
3rd-6th grades

The diamond-fold book, designed by California artist Anna Wolfe, is based on a simple origami fold. It can be assembled in numerous ways to create a series of wonderfully sculptural books, and redesigned with various geometric patterns. Students will add their own illustrations and text that correlates with the structure.

Kid's flag book

Flag Books
5th-6th grades

Flag books are accordion books with flaps that move in opposite directions. This fun, sculptural format can be used to present collections of drawings or collage materials. Themes might include postage stamps, presidents, flowers, rocks, and lots more. Each participant in the workshop will create their own model flag book.

Student with her landscape book

Landscape Books
4th-6th grades

The landscape book is a layered diorama that is similar to a "tunnel book" but does not require cutting with a single-edged knife. By combining layers of pages connected together with two accordion strips, a magical three-dimensional scene is created. The book expands to reveal various layers of the scene, then collapses closed. Text can be added to create a sculptural narrative. Students will design their own landscape books, incorporating their drawings along with collage elements. This is a terrific way for kids to develop their dimensional design skills.

Kid's sewn books

Sewn Books for Kids
5th-6th grades

Students in this class will learn simple sewing techniques for binding books together. In the process, they will also learn about sequencing (imposition) and story development. Participants will be encouraged to develop a theme or narrative, using both words and pictures.