Making Pop-Ups
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Make a Talking Mouth Pop-Up
From the book The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume 1

Kerlin's mouth pop-up, first gradeLeslie's mouth pop-up, 5th grade

Fold paper in the short direction

1 Holding a piece of paper
vertically, fold it down in half
(hamburger fold), then reopen.

   Fold paper in the long direction

2  Do not turn paper over.
Fold it in half in the other
direction (hotdog fold) and
keep it folded.

         Make one cut into the fold

3  Make one cut into the fold in the bottom half of the paper.

        Fold back two triangles

4  Fold back two triangles off the cut, one up and one down.Press down folds.

         Return triangles to flat position

5  Return triangles to flat position.

     Open the paper wide

6  Open the paper wide.

Fold paper in the short direction again

7  Fold the paper in the
same way you rst folded it
(hamburger direction).

      Press pop-up forward from centerfold                                             

8  Press your thumbs into
centerfold on either side of

If the mouth doesn't lift into place
automatically, pull each triangle up separately with your nger, keeping your thumb positioned at the triangle's peak. Close card and
press flat.