Making Pop-Ups
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Make a Pop-Up Tent
From the book The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume 2

Finished pop-up tent

The pop-up tent is a straddle pop-up with triangular sides. To start this project, download the PDF file of the tent pattern and cut it out along the outer solid black lines. Gently score and fold along the broken lines. (Don't worry if the folds are mountains or valleys. You can always reverse them later). Keep the pattern lines on the outside as you construct the cylinder so you can refer to them as you go.

Remember, solid black lines are cut lines, broken lines are fold lines, and diagonally slashed areas are glue spots.

           Tent step #1

1 Glue both Tabs 1 to the diagonally slashed areas marked 1 on the opposite flaps. This creates two triangular sides to the tent.

  Tent step #2


2  Push the sides inward (valley folds) to flatten the tent.

  Tent step #3

3 Fold a piece of card stock in half. Apply glue to Tab 2 and position the scalloped edge of the glued tab along the fold of the card.


Tent step #4       


 Apply glue to Tab 3 and fold the card down onto the glued tab. When you open the card, your finished dimensional tent should pop up.