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Student in Carol Barton's pop-up class

Adult Classes

Pop-Up Paper Structures
(1-2 days)

A special kind of creative magic awaits you in this workshop.You will learn basic on-the-fold pop-up structures, then progress through a series of more surprising three-dimensional constructions.These can be included in book formats or work alone as paper sculptures. A slide presentation on the history of movable books will be included.

Student tunnel book

Tunnel Books (1-2 days)

A "tunnel" or "peephole" book is a set of pages bound with accordions on two sides and viewed through a central opening. Students will learn the basics of constructing a tunnel book by designing their own model. Explore the exciting possibilities for adapting this format to your personal creative vision. Historical examples will be presented in a short slide lecture. No experience necessary. A great class for teachers, artists, and graphic designers.

Carousel book by Kitty Spangler

Carousel book by Louise Parm

Carousel Books (1-2 days)

A "carousel" or "star" book consists of several accordion-fold sheets bound together to create layered stage-like pages. Students will learn the basics of constructing this book form, then develop imagery around a theme or text. Participants should bring images or collage materials which they can use to create a visual story. The workshop will allow each student to explore the exciting possibilities for adapting this format to their personal creative style. Historical and contemporary examples of carousel books will be presented. No experience necessary. A great class for teachers, artists, and graphic designers.

Student making pop-ups

Sculptural Book Structures
(3-5 Days)

Students in this class will learn a wide variety of pop-up and sculptural book structures. Formats will include the carousel and tunnel book, along with other inventive forms. Bookmaking tools, materials, and basic techniques will be discussed.The class requires no previous bookmaking experience and is an ideal session for teachers, graphic designers, and artists, and anyone who likes to play.

Student in editions class

Streamlining the Production of Artist Book Editions
(2 days)

When making multiples of a book, artists must approach the project with a different set of design constraints than when making a unique volume. The
process of streamlining production can be fun and creatively challenging. In this workshop, students will learn how to make choices concerning reproduction methods, bindings, edition size, and structure based on limitations of time, facilities, and budget. The class will include directions for making jigs and templates, and suggestions for making the production process more efficient. Participants in the workshop will work together to design and produce a small edition in the class, and each student will get a copy of the project.

6-year-old Sarah Smith's tunnel book

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